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Thankful Pumpkins

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paper plates, orange tempera paint, white glue, small bowl, paintbrushes, pumpkin leaf template (PDF), green printer paper, brown construction paper, marker, pumpkin seeds (optional)


This seasonal craft idea is perfect for Thanksgiving! 

Beforehand, put some orange tempera paint into a small bowl and mix in some white glue (for added stickiness).  Print out some "pumpkin leaves" onto green paper and cut them out (see PDF above).   You can also choose to make plain green out of green construction paper, instead.  Cut out small "stems" from brown construction paper.

Give each child 1 pumpkin leaf.  Talk to children about their blessings and what they are thankful for.  Have them choose one or more thankful things and write them on their pumpkin leaf.

Next, have each child paint a paper plate with the orange paint/glue mixture.  After painting, have them stick on their leaf, brown stem and some pumpkin seeds and let dry.  Very cute!

-- Idea inspired by Thankful Pumpkin Craft at

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