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Count a seed pumpkin game

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dice, orange construction paper (cut into pumpkin shape), pumpkin seeds, small cups


This cooperative game is fun during a unit on pumpkins or Fall, and will help children practice counting (one-to-one correspondence).

Cut out large pumpkin shapes out of orange construction paper - enough for one per child.  Give each child a cup with 10 pumpkin seeds and have them sit in a circle on the rug.  This is good with a group of 3-5 children at a time.

Each child takes a turn rolling the die and counting the number of dots they have rolled.  Then they put that same number of pumpkin seeds on their paper pumpkin.  They each go around in the circle, rolling the die and putting seeds on their pumpkin.  The first child to put all of their seeds on the pumpkin wins.

VARIATION:  For a more cooperative game (particularly for younger preschoolers) - when one child rolls the die, they count the dots and then ALL children put that number of seeds on their pumpkins.  Make sure each child gets a chance to roll the die. 

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