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Collecting and Graphing Leaves

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brown lunch sacks (one per child), freshly fallen leaves, white construction paper squares, glue


LEARNING OBJECTIVE:  (Concepts of science and math)  Explore nature by collecting leaves.  Making comparisons on how leaves are different colors.  Graphing leaves by color & counting.

In advance, cut out small construction paper squares out of white paper (about 4" x 4"). 

In class, talk to the children about going on a nature walk to collect leaves.  Have children gather a small collection of leaves outside and put them in their paper bag (try to avoid collecting leaves that are too dried out - fresh leaves are best(.

Come back inside and allow children to look at their leaf collections.  Have children select ONE leaf as their favorite and have them glue it to a white paper square. 

On the chalkboard or a poster board, create and label a vertical column with color words (red, yellow, orange, green, brown).  Next, have children come up one by one to put their favorite leaf on the graph next to the color word that represents the color of their leaf.  (For younger children who can't read color words yet - use color construction paper squares to label the graph).

Once complete, discuss with children the results of the graph.  Ask them questions like, "Which color has the most leaves?", "Which color has the least amount of leaves?".   Confirm their responses by counting the leaves in each color column together.

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